Best Urdu/Punjabi spiritual Love quotes.

Spiritual Love Quotes that you can dedicate to the one you admire truly.

It is a fact that Punjab is the land of great 'Fan'. Not the English one but the urdu one. 


'Fan' in urdu means art. 


Also, Punjab is the land which has witnessed the 4 tragic love stories i.e.


Mirza-Sahiba, Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha and Sassi Punnun.


Taking inspiration from these true and spiritual love

stories the writers of Punjab

like - Bulleh Shah, Ghulam Fareed and Warris Shah

have written some of the best

songs, kalams, quotes which are quite celebrated

throughout the world and in the

contemporary times also the writings of these Punjabi

writers are having great

relevance in the Indian film industry and specially in

the songs.


Today we are presenting you some of the most spiritual

Punjabi/urdu love quotes that you can dedicate to the

one you love. 



( We made a lot of efforts to translate them for the best understanding so please do read) 






Tere naam de sharabi nu

ki lorh sharaba di,

teri gal vich muk jeya ve,

sari gal kitaba di.




A person who is intoxicated with the intoxication of your love

Doesn’t require any other kind of intoxication,

Even the greatest books fall short

In describing you.








Teri deed tilawat meri

Behna kol, ibaadat meri,

Kaddi tere kolon uth ke na jaawan

Ve tere vichon Rab Disda.


{[deed= deedar(glimpse)]

[Tilawat= reciting or reading the extracts or portions from the holy Quran]}





Your glimpse for me is equivalent to

reciting the extracts of the holy book,

sitting next to you is like offering 

prayer to the god

and i can never walk away from you

(while we are sitting together)

as it would be blasphemy because

I see God in you.




Na namaz aati hai mujhko na wuzu aata hai,

Sajda kar leta hoon magar jab saamne tu

aata hai.


[ Wuzu= the practice of cleansing one’s feet and hands before offering namaz]






I don’t know to do namaz, I don’t know how to cleanse myself

As I bow down and offer my prayers whenever you come in front

of me.





Tera naam asaan di tasbeeh ay,

Teri pooja, namazaan saadiyan ne,

Tera mukhra soneya Baitullah

Kaabey da nazara tu hai.



{[(Tasbeeh- reciting the name of god)]

[(Baitullah- adobe of god)]} 








Reciting your name is like reciting the name of god,

My pooja starts with you and my namaz ends on your


Your face is like the adobe of god,

Oh beloved! You are like the glimpse of holly mecca.






Hor ki mangna main Rab kolo, ik khair manga tere dam


Baaj sajan lajpaal tere, main kohjiyaa kede kam di


Pal pal maane sukh ve hazaaraa, ghadi vekhe na koi

alam di

Badr hamesha Maula rakhe, dholaa tain te nazar

karam di.






What else should I ask God? I ask only for your

well-being (long-life)

Without you, my beloved, I am worthless, I am of no


In every moment may there be lots of joy, may grief

never touch you

May God always keep a kind an eye on you, my






Khairan dam dam dholla manga teriyan,


shala lag jan tenu savan merian,


Mein te mar ke vi rehna mahiya teri,


Tere pairaanch akheer hove meri


Dua na koi hor mangdi.





I ask, my beloved, for your well-being,

I will be yours, my beloved, even after death,


With you only I wish for my end,


I pray for nothing else.






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Thank you for stopping by and reading these amazing quotes. Please do tell us in the comment section what you think about these kalams as they are a part of our Indian culture. 



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