Being perfect?

Theme Of The Poem

Great Punjabi Poet Bulleh Shah has said: 


Par par aalam faazal hoya
Kadee apnay aap nu parheya nai
Ja ja warda Mandir maseeti
Kadee man apnay wich warrya nai
Aiwayn roz Shaitaan de naal lardaan
Kadee nafs apnay naal larrya nai




(He read a lot and became a scholar
But he never read himself
He runs to pray into the temple & mosque
But never entered into his own heart
He fights with the devil every day for nothing
He never wrestled with his own ego)


The premise of this poem is based on the above mentioned lines i.e. The need of self introspection and the relevance of being truly what you are rather than pretending what you are not. 

Being perfect?

A mask is a facade,
A facade is a mask,
Most people just hiding behind one,
Being someone they are not,
Losing themselves,
Forgetting their identities,
More often than not.
This idea of perfect being the most deceiving of all,
Not wanting anyone else to see their flaws,
The flaws,
The mistakes,
The imperfections,
The ones that make them who they are,
Making them unique,
Beautiful in their own way.
But they are afraid,
Scared of themselves,
Fearful of who they actually are,
Not wanting others to see past their facade,
Past the mask,
Not confident enough,
“what if they don’t like me?”
“what if they stop talking to me?”
“what if...?”
Too wound in the social ladder,
Busy running to the top,
Trying to match the set standards,
That they forget,
Forget that not everyone is suppose to be the same.
If there was a set standard of quality,
We would be things, items, robots even.
NOT humans, not people.
Humans are supposed to be imperfect,
Suppose to have flaws,
Suppose to commit mistakes,
And in the end,
That’s what makes them special
And takes someone’s breath away!

About The Author

Nikita is a 2nd year student in NMIMS School of Law, Mumbai.

We are really thankful to her for submitting such a nice piece of poetry on our website.

Nikita Gupta
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