Best Urdu/Punjabi spiritual Love quotes.

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Spiritual Love Quotes that you can dedicate to the one you admire truly.

It is a fact that Punjab is the land of great 'Fan'. Not the English one but the urdu one. 


'Fan' in urdu means art. 


Also, Punjab is the land which has witnessed the 4 tragic love stories i.e.


Mirza-Sahiba, Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha and Sassi Punnun.


Taking inspiration from these true and spiritual love

stories the writers of Punjab

like - Bulleh Shah, Ghulam Fareed and Warris Shah

have written some of the best

songs, kalams, quotes which are quite celebrated

throughout the world and in the

contemporary times also the writings of these Punjabi

writers are having great

relevance in the Indian film industry and specially in

the songs.


Today we are presenting you some of the most spiritual

Punjabi/urdu love quotes that you can dedicate to the

one you love. 



( We made a lot of efforts to translate them for the best understanding so please do read) 






Tere naam de sharabi nu

ki lorh sharaba di,

teri gal vich muk jeya ve,

sari gal kitaba di.




A person who is intoxicated with the intoxication of your love

Doesn’t require any other kind of intoxication,

Even the greatest books fall short

In describing you.








Teri deed tilawat meri

Behna kol, ibaadat meri,

Kaddi tere kolon uth ke na jaawan

Ve tere vichon Rab Disda.


{[deed= deedar(glimpse)]

[Tilawat= reciting or reading the extracts or portions from the holy Quran]}





Your glimpse for me is equivalent to

reciting the extracts of the holy book,

sitting next to you is like offering 

prayer to the god

and i can never walk away from you

(while we are sitting together)

as it would be blasphemy because

I see God in you.




Na namaz aati hai mujhko na wuzu aata hai,

Sajda kar leta hoon magar jab saamne tu

aata hai.


[ Wuzu= the practice of cleansing one’s feet and hands before offering namaz]






I don’t know to do namaz, I don’t know how to cleanse myself

As I bow down and offer my prayers whenever you come in front

of me.





Tera naam asaan di tasbeeh ay,

Teri pooja, namazaan saadiyan ne,

Tera mukhra soneya Baitullah

Kaabey da nazara tu hai.



{[(Tasbeeh- reciting the name of god)]

[(Baitullah- adobe of god)]} 








Reciting your name is like reciting the name of god,

My pooja starts with you and my namaz ends on your


Your face is like the adobe of god,

Oh beloved! You are like the glimpse of holly mecca.






Hor ki mangna main Rab kolo, ik khair manga tere dam


Baaj sajan lajpaal tere, main kohjiyaa kede kam di


Pal pal maane sukh ve hazaaraa, ghadi vekhe na koi

alam di

Badr hamesha Maula rakhe, dholaa tain te nazar

karam di.






What else should I ask God? I ask only for your

well-being (long-life)

Without you, my beloved, I am worthless, I am of no


In every moment may there be lots of joy, may grief

never touch you

May God always keep a kind an eye on you, my






Khairan dam dam dholla manga teriyan,


shala lag jan tenu savan merian,


Mein te mar ke vi rehna mahiya teri,


Tere pairaanch akheer hove meri


Dua na koi hor mangdi.





I ask, my beloved, for your well-being,

I will be yours, my beloved, even after death,


With you only I wish for my end,


I pray for nothing else.






See you in the Next Post

Thank you for stopping by and reading these amazing quotes. Please do tell us in the comment section what you think about these kalams as they are a part of our Indian culture. 



Charkha: The Human Body

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Ve Mahiya tere Vekhan Nu

Call it a strong penchant of ours for all these Sufi kalams  or blame it on the wonderful work and the underline meaning in all these Kalams that we are compelled to post them. 

This one is one of the best Punjabi-sufi kalams that I have read. Please do read as I have worked really hard in order to translate this into English.


'MAHIYA' in this kalam is taken as almighty God and 'CHARKHA' is taken as the human body.

Human to get a single glimpse of GOD ( Mahiya)  has come on this earth( Gali). Cotton is taken as 'time' and spinning (kaat-di) is 'our deeds or actions' .





Wonderful Punjabi kalam with English translation

Naal le chal charkhe nu, moorkha oye
Le chal vich koi mat fitoor hovay

take the 'charkha(body)' with you oh! innocent one,
and keep going without any negativity......


Takla sidq yaqeen di maal pa ke,
manka pavan da je shaoor hovay

Wear the neck-less of truth and faith
the holy diamond (of his friendship) 


ohday naam di koi khareed kar ke
watt pooniyan je raazi ghafoor hovey

buy some cotton of his(god's) name
and start spinning it to make "him" happy....


ohdi yaad vich kat'di rahi har dammm
khawree kehri vi tand manzoor hovey

just keep on spinning along with memorizing and enchanting "him"
perhaps you don't know whichever spin may gets acceptance......












Ve mahiya tere dekhan nu,
chuk charkha gali de vich panwa,

Oh beloved(god), to get your glimpse,
I have placed the 'charkha(my body)' in the lane outside the house...


Ve loka paane main kat di,
tand teriya yaada de panwa

People around me think that I am spinning the threads of cotton,
But I am actually spinning the thread of your memories....


Charkhe di oo kar de ole,
yaad teri da tumba bole

I put the charka aside in the shade ( as I don't feel like spinning anymore)
Because the music of your memories is ringing in my heart......


ve nimma nimma geet ched ke,
tand kat'di hullare khaanwaan

Humming along the song slowly,
I am spinning gently, fantasizing the joy of our meeting......



ho eid aayi, mera yaar na aaya,
tera ve khair hove ove tamd,

The day of celebrations(eid) has come,
but my beloved hasn't come......


haar shingar mainu change nai lagde,
ho kisi cheez pe nazar na jamdi

The jewellery and the colors don't seem pretty,
Nothing around interests me....


sukha waalian needra mangne,
yaar mile to main eid manva
bina yaar de eid na gamdi.

I only pray for a night of peaceful sleep,
Let my love come and I would celebrate Eid,
For without my love Eid does not feel like Eid.













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From Uns and Junoo to Ahlam

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From Uns and Junoo to Ahlam

Desolated, he knew there was nothing left. 
Nothing left for him. 
He could still picture her next to him, her long hair on his shoulders while she slept with her face resting on his chest.
‌He could still picture her angelic face glistening under the lamplight, her deer like eyes, her sharp nose, the contrastingly imperfect but perfect moles under her nose.
‌He could still smell her sweet, rose Mary like perfume every time he walked past her wardrobe, still under the hope of her return.
‌But alas, she was Gone, never to come back.
She was gone the same way she had come.

About The Author

The author has requested us to keep his/her identity secret. 


The Seven Stages of Love.

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According to the Arabic mythology love has 7 stages or shades and each and every person goes through these 7 stages when he/she is in love with someone. The shades are:


1)dilkashi (attraction)

2)uns (attachment),

3)mohobbat (love),

4)akidat (trust),

5)ibadat (worship),

6)junoo (madness)

7)maut (death).

Moreover There is no bigger religion in this world which is as holy as the religion of true love.

So in this post of ours, I'm going to list down some of the extremely romantic quotes that you can dedicate to the one you admire based on these 7 stages. 

1)  “I love this distance the most because if not for this distance, I would have no excuse to get closer to you”



2)    “I choose to love you in my dreams…
For in my dreams I find no rejection and for in my dreams no one loves you but me”


3)   “and you have slipped under my skin, invaded my blood and seized my heart and In your eyes I see something more beautiful than the stars”


4) "My heart is one. My life is one. My religion is one. My faith is one. When my God and the holy book is one than how can I ever love anyone else other than you"



5)  In my gaze, in my eyes, in my tresses, There's just devotion for Your love and nothing else.



6)   “I want to cut through my skin and pull you within so there wont be no you or I but only us”



7)   “I love you the way a drowning man loves air. And it would destroy me to have you just a little.”








Please do tell us in the comment section what you feel about these 7 shades of love and the quotes.

See you all in the next post. 







The kalams of Bulleh Shah

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Peer Baba Bulleh Shah was a Punjabi humanist and philosopher born in 1680.

Known for the form of versus that he employed i.e. Kafi popular in Punjabi, urdu and Sindhi poetry.

The simplicity with which Bulleh Shah has been able to address the complex fundamental issues of life and humanity is a large part of his appeal.

Baba Bulleh Shah opposed the differences created by humans on the basis of religion that too primarily focusing on the division between Hindus and Muslims.

His poetry was a patronage of finding true, divine and spiritual love.

In the contemporary times also his writings are of significant relevance as most of the songs which are written and composed in India and Pakistan are based on his versus only.

Chaiyan Chaiyan, Dama Dam Mast Qalandar, Kun Faya Kun, Bulleya, Bullah Ki Jaana Mai Kaun.

I hope you all will read the versus of Baba Bulleh Shah as they are having the potential to change your thinking and the way you see life.


PS: I have taken alot of pain to translate these verses from Punjabi to English. So please do read.



Makkay gayaan, gal mukdee naheen
Pawain sow sow jummay parrh aaeey

Going to Makkah is not the ultimate
Even if hundreds of prayers are offered


Ganga gayaan, gal mukdee naheen
Pawain sow sow gotay khaeeay

Going to River Ganges is not the ultimate
Even if hundreds of cleansing (Baptisms) are done

Gaya gayaan gal mukdee naheen
Pawain sow sow pand parrhaeeay

Going to Gaya is not the ultimate
Even if hundreds of worships are done


Bulleh Shah gal taeeyon mukdee
Jadon May nu dillon gawaeeay

Bulleh Shah the ultimate is
When the “I” is removed from the heart!


Ibaadat kar ibaadat karan de naal gal ban di hai gal ban di a
kise di aaj ban di hai te kise di kal ban di a

pray n pray, praying will make things happen
someone's today n someone's tomorrow.



Parh Parh Kitaaban Ilam Diyan Tu Naam Rakh Liya QAAZI,  

By reading an umpteen number of books

you have accomplished the title of a 'Qaazi'.


Fad Talvaar Tu Naam Rakha Liya GHAZI,  

By conquering lands and winning fierce

wars you have accomplished the title of a 'Ghazi'(warrior).


Makkay ja ja Hajj Guzaare Tu Naam Rakh Liya HAAJI,  

By going to Mecca time and again for pilgrimage

you have accomplished the title of a 'Haji'


Par Bulleya Tu kuch nhi baneya, je tu yaar na kitta raazi.

But Bulleh Shah, what did you accomplish

if you haven’t kept your friend happy?





Allah Hoo!



"Bulleh nu loki matti dende bulleya aa ja vich maseeti"


People advised Baba Bulleh Shah to leave his wooden hut (where he used to live)

and come to the mosque to pay obeisance to the creator (allah/god).


“Vich maseeta de ki kuj hunde je dilo namaz na meeti"


Bulleh Shah replies to the people that what's the use of

going to the mosque if you are not praying from your heart and soul.


“baro dhooye latta gode andro rahi paleeti, tera dil khidawe munde kudiya, sajde kare maseeti"


He advises the people that what's the use of cleansing the

body with water and kneeling in front of the lord, when your mind is diverted towards

worldly affairs.


“duniyadaara rabb de naal vi chaar so veeh ta keeti"


People you have tried to trick the lord with your useless rituals


“ Allah hu da awaaza ave, kuli ni faqir di vicho"


People, I chant the lord's name continously in my

wooden hut, without false rituals that you make


“na kar bandeya meri meri, damm da vasah koi na, allah hu da awaza ave kuli ni faqir di vicho"


"People don't be so selfish. Sufism goes beyond

religion and talks about true love for the

Almighty. One doesn't need to visit the temple or

the mosque to pray to god, but can do that with

an honest plea from anywhere, even from my hut."


“Mere yaar da chaumukheya diva, nadiyo paar jagda"


The lord listens to my plea from all the four directions,

I dont even need to cross the river, his divinity is like a

light coming from all directions that erases all the darkness"


Allah hoo


Hail the mighty lord



Contesting Religion


Umar gawai wich maseeti,

Having wasted all your life in mosques and temples

andar bharya naal paleeti.

you heart is still filled with dirt.

Kade namaaz tuheed na keeti,

Not once did you truly declare that god is one,

hun ki karna e shor-pukar.

so why this hue and cry now on the basis of religion?



Masjid Dha De, Mandir Dha De, Dha De Jo Kucch Dainda,

Tear Down The Mosque And The Temple; Break Everything In Sight


Par Kisi Da Dil Na Dhain, Mera Rab Dilan Vich Vasda.

But Do Not Break A Person’s Heart, It Is There That God Resides








Bulle nu loki matti dende

To Bulla people give advice (saying)


"bulleya tu ja baih masiti"

O Bulla, go and sit in the mosque


vich masita de ki kujh hunda

To which Bulleh Shah replies '"what avails it going to the mosque"


je dilo namaz na nitti

if the prayers dont come from the heart.


bahro pak kitte ki hunda

What matters it being pure outside


je andaro gai na paliti

when the dirt from inside has not gone


bin murshid kamil bulleya

o Bulleya, without the guidance of a perfect master



teri aive gai ibadat kitti..!!

all your prayers are of no avail







Ved, Quran parh parh thakey

Tired of reading the Vedas and Quran


Sajdey kardiyaan ghis gaye mathey

Kneeling and prostrating my forehead shorn


Na Rab Tirath, na Rab Makkeh

At Mathura or Mecca He does not dwell


Jis paya tas nur anwaar

He who has found Him, only he can tell




The Divine and spiritual Love



Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Ni,

Repeating the name of my lover (Ranjha)


Me'N Aapay Ranjha hoi,

I have become Ranjha myself


Sado ni Me'N no Dhido- Ranjha,

O call me ye all Ranjha


Mano Heer Na Akho Koi

let no one call me Heer





Mai to putli kaath ki,

I am nothing but a wooden doll


dor piya ke haath.

my strings are in the hands of my master


Nachat hu mai prem se,

I dance in love,


jeso piya nachaat.


the way he pulls my strings





Tere Ishq ne dera mere andar keeta

Bhar ke zeher payala main taan aape peeta,

Your love has made an adobe in my heart

and falling in love with you 

was like taking a sip of poison



Jhabde wahudi tabiba nahin te main mar gaiyaan
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa


Come my healer, forsaken, I am sad.
Your love has made me dance like mad.










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