Change is existence, stability is akin dead lion,

Mighty but might-less.

Change is not to be awaited and embraced,

It is to vouched for and grabbed.

Change is not a recourse only after all hopes have died.

Change is the adventure which you decided how to ride.

Change to change, aim to aim,

Change is the ladder of life's board game.

Change is not steady transition of situations and scenes,

Change is your action to divulge from conventional means.

Change is not the seasons you let pass,

It is the opportunity you extract from the farce.

Change is not delicate, to caress it like a new-born.

It is the tough chase with lashes and scorn.

Change is not about the moon and the sun,

Nor about today and tomorrow,

Neither about the loss and gain,

It is about the fear you have now slain.

It is about the comforts we are ready to furrow.

It is the hardships in which lies advantage.

It is the product when you let your potentials rampage.

About The Author

Clarissa is a 2nd year student in NMIMS School of Law, Mumbai. 

We are really thankful to her for submitting such a nice piece of poetry on our website.

Clarissa D’Lima

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