Charkha: The Human Body

Ve Mahiya tere Vekhan Nu

Call it a strong penchant of ours for all these Sufi kalams  or blame it on the wonderful work and the underline meaning in all these Kalams that we are compelled to post them. 

This one is one of the best Punjabi-sufi kalams that I have read. Please do read as I have worked really hard in order to translate this into English.


'MAHIYA' in this kalam is taken as almighty God and 'CHARKHA' is taken as the human body.

Human to get a single glimpse of GOD ( Mahiya)  has come on this earth( Gali). Cotton is taken as 'time' and spinning (kaat-di) is 'our deeds or actions' .





Wonderful Punjabi kalam with English translation

Naal le chal charkhe nu, moorkha oye
Le chal vich koi mat fitoor hovay

take the 'charkha(body)' with you oh! innocent one,
and keep going without any negativity......


Takla sidq yaqeen di maal pa ke,
manka pavan da je shaoor hovay

Wear the neck-less of truth and faith
the holy diamond (of his friendship) 


ohday naam di koi khareed kar ke
watt pooniyan je raazi ghafoor hovey

buy some cotton of his(god's) name
and start spinning it to make "him" happy....


ohdi yaad vich kat'di rahi har dammm
khawree kehri vi tand manzoor hovey

just keep on spinning along with memorizing and enchanting "him"
perhaps you don't know whichever spin may gets acceptance......












Ve mahiya tere dekhan nu,
chuk charkha gali de vich panwa,

Oh beloved(god), to get your glimpse,
I have placed the 'charkha(my body)' in the lane outside the house...


Ve loka paane main kat di,
tand teriya yaada de panwa

People around me think that I am spinning the threads of cotton,
But I am actually spinning the thread of your memories....


Charkhe di oo kar de ole,
yaad teri da tumba bole

I put the charka aside in the shade ( as I don't feel like spinning anymore)
Because the music of your memories is ringing in my heart......


ve nimma nimma geet ched ke,
tand kat'di hullare khaanwaan

Humming along the song slowly,
I am spinning gently, fantasizing the joy of our meeting......



ho eid aayi, mera yaar na aaya,
tera ve khair hove ove tamd,

The day of celebrations(eid) has come,
but my beloved hasn't come......


haar shingar mainu change nai lagde,
ho kisi cheez pe nazar na jamdi

The jewellery and the colors don't seem pretty,
Nothing around interests me....


sukha waalian needra mangne,
yaar mile to main eid manva
bina yaar de eid na gamdi.

I only pray for a night of peaceful sleep,
Let my love come and I would celebrate Eid,
For without my love Eid does not feel like Eid.













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