Garud Commando Force


The Garud Commando Force is the special forces unit of the Indian Air Force. It was formed in September 2004 and has a current strength of approximately 1080 personnel.The unit derives its name from Garuda, a divine bird-like creature of Hindu Mythology.


Garud is tasked with the protection of critical Air Force bases and installations; search and rescue during peace and hostilities and disaster relief during calamities.Presently, Garud's are deployed in Congo as part of the UN peace keeping operations.


Operational experience

Though Garud is not a "secret" unit, very little is known about its operations and assignments, maybe because National Security Guards and Para Commandos are the primary choice of the Indian government to perform operations. Garuds have been deployed to Congo as a part of the UN peace keeping contingent. They also operate alongside Army special forces in Jammu and Kashmir to gain operational exposure. Towards this purpose, teams from the flights are attached to army SF units. Garud Commandos were tasked to provide security at the Yelahanka AFS during Aero India-2005, 2007, 2011 and 2013.
On January 2, 2016, the unit took a casualty during the 2016 Pathankot attack when Commando Gursewak Singh died in action.All the IAF assets were declared safe.


Weapons Used by the Unit

1) IWI Tavor:


The IWI Tavor is an Israeli bullpup assault rifle with a selective fire system, selecting between semi-automatic mode and full automatic fire mode.


Range: 550m

Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds

Calibre: 5.56 mm



2) IWI Negev:


High Recoil 



Range: 550m

Magazine Capacity: 150 rounds

Calibre: 5.56 mm



3)INSAS rifle


Range: 400m

Magazine Size: 30 Rounds

Calibre: 5.56 mm



4) AKMS:


A very durable, long ranged and deadly riffle of the AK series.


Range: 300m

Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds

Calibre: 7.62 mm

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