Let Go

Theme Of The Poem

The poem, Let Go, is a figurative poem that tells about the ground (earth) which is a connotation of the human mind. The poetry through the experience of the ground talks about the difficulty in forgetting the temporary encounters with people, places and things that one may get attached to. At times the way to overcome the pain of separation from these is to let go of the feelings and use the positive memories to make a better tomorrow.

Let Go

The hard ground was tough and strong,

 It basked lonely under the sun, all day long.

I saw the saplings of virtues take root in it.

Firm it was, enough to let the greens thrive,

While the weeds it left to burn to ashes dry.


Then a few days later, the clouds met to pour,

The ground so tough, romanced with the petrichor.

As the first raindrops struck the earth, the ground drew its treasure.

Feelings the nourishing love, the boundless pleasure.


But the spells had to end, for the raindrops belonged to the clouds,

Their joy was to reunite in a new form with the heavenly shrouds.

With their depart the dry ground was now left lovelorn

Not with greens, but transformed into a lake with its silent groan.

Its sight made me wonder, was it filled with tears of sorrow or,

Had it collected the signs of its first love, for a lonely life tomorrow?


The cause of its silence which puzzles, I know and yet I don't.

I throw pebbles, hoping that it will respond and share its griefs, but it won't.

The pebbles splash, creating ripples that appear like a wise smile devoid of glee.

I stare in it and watch, as it reflect the silence, hiding its pains for none to see.


Yet as life goes on…once again the sun will shine

The ground will then again become dry and fine.

I wait for the ground to let go of the raindrops and accept the new warmth.

For the raindrops with time will stagnate, and leave abhorrent stench.

Longer beheld, they will turn to poison, cause to perish.



Only when the raindrops are left to seep, they will run deep and nourish,

Flowing free in the voids they’ll leave behind freshness, for the ground to cherish.

The ground will be filled with life, and refresh in the new springs along its side.

Overpowering the memories of the first shower, conquering all despair it’ll beam again with pride.

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About The Author

Clarissa is a 2nd year student in NMIMS School of Law, Mumbai. 

We are really thankful to her for submitting such a nice piece of poetry on our website.

Clarissa D’Lima

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