Linkin Park Is Back!!

I became an instant fan of one of the greatest bands of all time Linkin Park when for the 1st time i heard the song “The Crawling” from their debut album Hybrid Theory (2000) in the year 2009. I remember by-hearting the lyrics of their songs from all the 6 albums that they have released so far. I can say this with substantial confidence that Linkin Park is the band which made each and every one of ours teenage amazing.

Their last album ‘The Hunting Party'(2014) was a rejuvenation of the hard rock  genre which seems to be withering away since very long and now in 2017 the band is back with their 7th studio album ‘One More Night’ (2017). Today the band released the first single ‘Heavy’ from the album namely ‘One More Night’ featuring Kiiara.

The single is having very practical and easily relate-able lyrics and the vocals by Chester Bennington  and Kiiara are soul soothing. The song is all about good feels.

Although with this single the band has diverted themselves from their original roots because of which the band became a sensation in the early 00’s i.e. Hybrid Theory and Meteora, yet billion of fans across the globe are waiting for the full album to release on May 19th making it one of the most hyped and anticipated albums of 2017.

I found the song to be somewhat similar to some of their past songs like:

Shadow of the day, leave out all the rest, castle of glass, waiting for the end and powerless but contrary to its title, the song is not that HEAVY.

I think the single will easily reach the apex spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list and of course all other rock and alternative lists.


Here is the tracklisting for Linkin Park’s new album #OneMoreLight.

01. Nobody Can Save Me
02. Good Goodbye
03. Talking To Myself
04. Battle Symphony
05. Invisible
06. Heavy
07. Sorry For Now
08. Halfway Right
09. One More Light
10. Sharp Edges





Do tell us in the comment section about what you all feel about the single.






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