“Questioning Others”

Theme Of The Poem

'Questioning Others' is a poem  basically describing the level of people being judgmental in times today and how each action of any individual may that be good or bad becomes a topic of discussion among people and they end up criticizing everything.

Questioning others is judging others,

Judging others is criticising others;

Alas! We are always critiqued,

By the people we know,

By the designation or title

And by the position we hold.


We are judged by what we give,

Or what we gain.

We are judged upon gender and age,

And we are judged on our dwelling place.


We are judged by our past,

And we are judged by our education;

The language that we speak,

Regardless the dialect changing every 50 kms.


Few judge as they are paid to,

Few criticize willingly for fun;

Whereas, few to build their own speculations,

And few judge unwillingly.


Alas! Humans have forgotten,

There exists only One to judge everyone.

He is the only critique of humanity,

So, better mind your actions people.

About The Author

Komal is a 2nd year student in NMIMS School of Law, Mumbai. 

We are really thankful to her for submitting such a nice piece of poetry on our website.

Komal Singh
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