Radhanagar Beach

Discover The Best Beach In Asia: The Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Islands








I can still recall the day i went to this epic beach. I was just 14 years old and was very passionate about beaches and oceans as I was born and brought up north to the line of Cancer in India. 

In this post i'm going to share what i feel i could recall after 5 years about the beach. 


If you are fond of going for a long quiet unshod stroll in the sand or around the lining forest, Bird-watching, love seeing perpetual coconut trees, unlimited skylines, sound of ocean waves, the smell of the sea, sandy bathing suits and need to unwind and appreciate the occasions, Beach Reading, Photography, a shoreline Picnic, Enjoying the Sun, Sand, Sea, Seafood then set out toward Asia's (on record) the best- Radhanagar beach.

It is the best decision for the individuals who lean toward a greener way of life. It is a perfect place for the individuals who love to be in the total hush of nature. It is an amazing wonderful shoreline. The encompassing zones of the Beach are divine-rich in marine life.









Radhanagar Beach lies on the western coast also known as Number 7 Beach, is one of the most popular beaches on Havelock and was named "Best Beach in Asia" by Times Magazine in 2004. Silver-White sand of the beach and aquamarine greenish - blue Sea with rain forest as the background looks really inviting for a tourist and the place is unique. A place you can go to be alone, to get away from all. A spot under a shady tree might be your favorite retreat from maddening city or your bedroom.

This is a beach not yet so mainstream to be dirtied with discharge jars of lager, plastic water bottles, or even swarmed shacks because it is not easy to reach there. There is town on its doorstep. The beach is likewise extremely good to swim. It is the place to have a gulp of fresh air free from all the adulteration of a city life. All set up together it for all intents and purposes requests us to sit-back or lay around. Voyagers from all sides of the world run the place for meeting new individuals, clicking awesome pictures and adding lovely minutes to their vacation collection. It is a nature's blessing to our cherished nation and our holy islands.

Picture-idealize view, astoundingly bright reefs; and the best looks of orange dusk; what a wonder! Yet untrodden.



How To Reach There?

As Havelock Island is located  41 km (25 mi) northeast of the capital city, Port Blair.

The island can be reached from Port Blair by government-operated ferries and private cruises. There are also helicopter services Port Blair.

The island has a lot of resorts and the closest one to the RadhaKrishna Beach are The Dolphin Resorts, Barefoot at Havelock and Dreamland Resort.



PS: I would advice you all to go there by government-operated ferries. Believe me it would be a splendid experience.

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In the end i would like to say that what is the need to visit places like Bali, Thailand or Malaysia when we are having such beaches in our own country.

These facts are testimonial to the fact that why our country is Incredible.

Please do tell us in the comment section your views about this beautiful beach and island.



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