Remembering Her Eyes

Remembering her eyes gleaming like the sun across the waves on the beach, he could still smell her rosemary perfume as she put her head across his chest. He could still picture her beautiful smile, it was not the movement of her lips he cherished but the way her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, all of which smiled in unison at the sight of him.
Today, he witnessed the same perfection, but he knew it wasn't for him but for another.
Wandering aimlessly thinking about nothing but reminiscing, he was lost. Unmade, was how he felt. He knew he had lost a piece of himself as he saw her drifting towards another, into her new bubble of happiness. Little did she realize, she had burst his. He wanted to live in his memories. To love her in his memories, the only place where she loved him too.

About The Author

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