Special Protection Group


The Special Protection Group (SPG) is a special force of the Union for providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and former Prime Minister of India and members of their immediate families wherever they are. It was formed in 1988 by an act of the Parliament of India.



After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991, the SPG Act was amended in 1991 to provide security to former Prime Ministers and their immediate families for a period of 10 years from the date on which the former Prime Minister ceased to hold office.





Special Protection Group is a Classified organization and stands highest in the hierarchy of the security categories of India. 







Uniform and Dress

In summer, the SPG men dress in the trademark safari suits.

PSO's to the Prime Minister is their typical safari attire.






In winter, formal suits, with sunglasses and a communication earpiece, and concealed personal weapons. Personal equipment includes goggles bulletproof vest, Kevlar gloves, elbow and knee pads.



Command and control

The "general superintendence, direction and control" of the SPG is exercised by, the Central Government. The head of the force, called a Director, who is responsible for "the command and supervision" of the force. The director of the SPG since its inception has been an officer from the Indian Police service. Personnel of the Special Protection Group are drawn from Central Armed Police Forces and Railway Protection Force, but the officers are from the IPS or officers of the RPF.

Personnels of the Indian Armed Forces i.e. Army, Navy and Air Force are not taken because of their inexperience in VVIP security.  



Arms equipment and vehicles.

I) Arms:


1) FN F2000:

The FN F2000 is a NATO bullpup assault rifle, designed by FN Herstal in Belgium.


Range: 500m

Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds

Calibre: 5.56 mm


This bullpup rifle comes with a scope and a grenade  launcher. 



2) FN P90: 

P90 is of the most iconic sub-machine guns with a an unbelievable fire-rate of 900 rounds per minute designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium.



Range: 200m

Magazine Capacity: 50 rounds

Calibre: 5.7 mm



3) FN Five-seven: 

The FN Five-seven, trademarked as the Five-seveN, is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by (FN Herstal) in Belgium. The pistol is named for its 5.7-mm bullet diameter.


Range: 50m

Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds

Calibre: 5.7 mm



II) Vehicles: 


The Prime Minister's motorcade comprises a dozen vehicles, including two armoured BMW 7 Series Sedan, six BMW X5 and a Mercedes Benz ambulance. A Tata Safari jammer also accompany the convoy, besides a few more escort vehicles.



The Director of the SPG, an officer of IG and some times Director General rank, is assisted by number of Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Joint Assistant Directors. The SPG is divided broadly into the following four categories:


1) Operations: Looks after the actual protection duties. In the Operations Branch, there are components like the Communications Wing, Technical Wing and Transport Wing.


2)Training: Deals with the training of personnel on a continuous basis. The SPG imparts training in physical efficiency, marksmanship, anti-sabotage checks, communication and other operative aspects connected with close protection drills and having a bearing on VVIP security with a view to maintaining a high level of physical fitness and to fine-tune the operational skills of SPG Officers. The training programme is constantly reviewed and updated to effectively thwart threats from newer areas and in keeping with existing threat perception.



3) Intelligence and Tours: Threat assessment, internal intelligence pertaining to personnel, verification of character and antecedents, tours and other allied jobs.



Members of the SPG are barred by the SPG Act,1988, from contact with the media and from publishing or collaborating in publication of "any book, letter or other document"


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