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The Price of Our Independence


Hi there, as we are real history fanatics so this Independence Day we take it as an opportunity to highlight some facts about the lives of some unsung heroes of Indian freedom struggle right from the medieval to the modern times. 

As every Indian becomes a patriot only on 3 days every year and  independence day being one of them so I hope a lot of people will read this small effort of ours to light the magnificent lives of these great people. 
The article is bit long but please try to keep yourself intact till the end, i'm sure you wont regret. 

1) Maharana Pratap  (1540-1597): Often considered as the 1st freedom fighter of Indian history who is mainly remembered for his struggles against the Mughal emperor Akbar. 
Well we are talking about Maharana Pratap this Independence Day as the 'Government of Rajasthan' declared to rewrite the history belonging to Maharana's freedom struggle and the decisive 'Battle of Haldighati. 

Well what should I say about him, words won’t be just enough to highlight the great life of the Maharana. When most of India accepted Akbar as the ruler the Maharana opted for freedom.
A life full of sacrifice, courage, glory and love for the motherland.


Battle Of Haldigahti(1576)-Akbar sent his able general Maan Singh to defeat the Maharana. The forces of Maharana were outnumbered against the 80,000 mughal soldiers. Noticing this fact, the Generals of Maharana- Maan Singh Jhala and Hakim Khan Suri forced him to leave the battlefield. The episode also saw the sacrifice of the devine horse ‘Chetak’, in which he jumped a 22 feet canal to save his master and scarified his life.


After the battle of haldighati, the Maharana was compelled to live in the forest of the aravalis along with the family where he took the oath that he would never have any comforts of a king until freedom is achieved and used to eat Rotties made up of Grass.

Battle Of Dewar (1582)- Maharana Pratap defeated mughal general Sultan Khan and registered the greatest win by any Indian ruler against the mughals at that time. 

Maharana Pratap was able to capture back most part of Rajasthan but unfortunately he was not able to free back Chittorgarh. 

Trivia: according to Akbarnama By Abul Fazal, even Akbar mourned over the sudden death of Maharana pratap due to hunting accident.

Maharana Pratap was the inventor of the first ever guerrilla warfare tectics in India which was later adopted by Shivaji, Tantya Tope and even by revolutionaries in Bengal during Indian Freedom struggle.

"Mai Ehda Poot Jun, Jehda Rana Partap
Akbar Suto Oj Ko, Jaan Sirhane Saanp" 
(O Mother, give birth to sons like Rana Pratap
Afraid of whom Akbar used to
sleep in the protection of Snakes). 




2)Tantya Tope (1814 –1859): was one of the leaders in the 1857 revolution who was one of the leaders under Nana Sahib in Kanpur. After the execution of Rani Lakshmi Bai and Kunwar Singh of Bihar in the revolution an exile of Nana Sahib and Hazrat Begum to Nepal, Tantya Tope was the only revolutionary who proved to be a continuous nightmare for the Britishers as he opted for guerrilla warfare tactical. 
But unfortunately he was captured and later executed in 1859.

Trivia: Tantya Tope practiced the guerrilla type warfare which was invented by Maharana Pratap.



3) Kartar Singh Sarabha(1896-1915):  was an Indian Sikh revolutionary who as a top leader of the Ghadar Party along with Lala Hardyal. Gadhar Party was one of the 1st revolutionary party of india aginst Britishers which operated from US, Canada and India. He was the main operator of the Ghadar conspiracy in which it was decided to revolt and uprise against the British Raj but it failed due to betrayal.
Considered as one of the youngest revolutionary he was executed at a young age of 19.

Trivia: Legendary Bhagat Singh considered him as his guru. 
He was just 19 when he was executed in Lahore for ghadar conspiracy.
Ghadar Party became a leading party after Kamagata Maru Accident.




4)Madan Lal Dhingara (1883–1909): was an Indian revolutionary freedom fighter. While studying in England, he assassinated Curzon Willy a British official, hailed as one of the first acts of revolution in India. He was a member of Abhinav Bharat under Veer Savarkar. He is considered as inspiration for revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad. He was hanged till death in Pentavilla ( Britain).




5) Chandrashekhar Azad(1906-1931): considered as the mentor of Bhagat Singh he, became the leader of HRA in 1925-26 after the execution of Ram Prasad Bismil.
Under his leadership HRA changed its name to HSRA in 1928 in Firoz shah Kotla. He was ambushed by British forces at Alfred Park of Allahbad where he shot himself and remained ‘Azad’ forever.

Trivia: even as a congressman, Notilal Nehru offered aid and financial help to Chandrasekhar Azad.
The actual face of Azad was not seen by anyone expect Bhagat Singh, the pictures of him that we see today are just manipulated piece of work by painters.





6) Surya Sen(1894-1934) : known and remembered by few people today, Surya Sen was a school teacher in the Chittagong district of Bengal. 
He is known for the Chittagong Armory raid on 18th of April 1930,where Surya Sen with his group of revolutionaries in order to loot the arms, ammunition and to disconnect the Chittagong from rest of the world and weaken down the British powers in Bengal. Unfortunately the plan failed and he was forced to escape. Later he was captured and executed.

Trivia: He was appointed the Chairman of INC in 1921 of Chittagong Branch but opted to follow the principles of HRA later.




7) Shaheed Udham Singh(1899-1940): well who can forget the deadly and bloody massacre of Jalliahwala Bagh on 13th April 1919, where General Michael ‘O’ Dyer ordered to open fire on 379 innocent people. Well the order given by Gen. Dyer proved to be fatal for him as a son of india was affected to deepest of his heart and chased him throughout his life to take the revenge of the innocent people. Gen Dyer was assassinated by Udham singh in London and later he was executed. He was also a member of HSRA.

Trivia: The soldiers that fired at the Satyagrahi Samaji were from the Gurkha Regiment.
Gen Dyer was assassinated at the age of 75 and true justice was achieved.

Happy Independence Day

From the  whole team of ZindagiPro we wish all our subscribers, followers and visitors a very happy 71st Independence Day

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