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What do you know that most people don’t?

Best of Quora #1


A. Do you know ?

1. Charlie Chaplin once stood third in “Charlie Chaplin look alike competition” ! ( Yea difficult to digest!)


2. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia -its fear of long words.
3. Laughter is a proven way to reduce weight .
4. According to some researches, smelling fruits like green apple and banana can help reduce weight !
5. Drawing room was actually named “withdrawing room” as people withdrew after dinner /food. Later, the prefix was by chance dropped .
6. The inside of Banana peel , if rubbed on shoes can give a quick shine!
7. Pearls melt in vinegar .


8. According to a research, men get more hiccups than women and a pregnant woman rarely gets hiccups .
9. English is considered as the most difficult language to learn for a naive! It is because of variety of pronunciations of same words .


B. Ever noticed ?-

1. “Dreamt” is the only word in English language that ends with 'mt'.
2. “Afghanistan” and “Azerbaijan” are the only countries whose name begins with 'A' but doesn't end with the same.
3. “Rhythm” is the longest word in English language without a vowel.
4. Men's shirt buttons are on right side while female’s shirt buttons are on the left.
5. Difference between poison and venom ? Poison works through digestive tract whereas venom works through blood circulation .
6. Tickling!! Tickle on your feet and you will converge your digits ;tickle on an infant's feet, they will diverge theirs!

7. If you plug your nose, you can still speak but you can't hum .
8. In playing cards , the only king who doesn't have a moustache is the King of hearts.




C. What about living world ?

1. Chickens lay most eggs when pop music is played!
2. Dalmatian puppies are white when they are born. Spots appear later .

3. Only … females!!!Only female spiders spin web.Only female gloworms glow.Only female mosquitoes suck blood .
4. Ants never sleep.Butterflies smell through feet .
5. Snakes have no eyelids therefore sleep with open eyes !
6. Cockroach can live without its head for a week and even after that week, it's gonno die only of starvation ! ( It's brain is slightly lower , not completely in head, so body functions are not effected much )
7. Cat's urine glows in black or UV light!
8. In India , Italian bees are found more than Indian bees!
9. Paradoxial frog becomes smaller as it grows older!


10. Hairs and nails keep growing even after death!( It actually just seems so as the skin around nails keeps degenerating )






D. About universe and earth!!

1. Full moon is 9–10 times brighter than half moon .
2. A comet's tail always points away from the sun.
3. Dead sea isn't a sea, it's a lake !
4. Venus is the second brightest body in the night sky ( first being moon ).



E. People and events..

1. Hitler was a vegetarian .
2. Jimmy Carter was the first US President to be born in hospital .
3. People who are actually smart , underestimate themselves .
4. Humans and dolphins are the only organisms who have sex for pleasure.
5. The 5 rings on Olympics flag represent 5 continents - Africa , America, Asia, Australia ,and Europe.


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