When Life Reflected

Theme of The Poem

A poem reflecting the common aspirations we share while holding our unique individual goals

When Life Reflected

My hope resides where all hope is lost

My joy is where sadness has left its notch.

My destination is where the fogs never rise.

My virtue is where there is an orgy of vice.

My love is where enmity has left cold frost... chattered life in its yearning youth.

For I am human, not meant for the paths that have no bends,

Not meant to rub my life along with sullen trends.

I am not programmed to work with the fed and known,

I am molded to venture into the dark and explore the unknown...resented life in its muddled mids.

Let me be born where I can create for many a smile,

For death be sweeter if I had to inflict a wound so vile.

Let me be found where refuge is sought,

For it would be better than to have an empty palace in my lot.

Let me grow where all grow along,

For that's the chorus of joy to existence's wistful song...hoped life in its ebbing end.


Clarissa is a 2nd year student in NMIMS School of Law, Mumbai. 

We are really thankful to her for submitting such a nice piece of poetry on our website.

Clarissa D’Lima

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